Sunday, February 06, 2011

North Country Trail
This was an easy road walk from Morse Lake Rd and 108th st. 108th is the border between Kent and Barry Counties. Only 3.5 miles long.

This was where I began at 108th and Morse Lake Rd.

This is a look up 108th. This is a one mile stretch that is primarily a 2 track. Mainly use in the winter by snowmobiles.

The Red sign here is indicating the Caledonia Sportsmans Club on the 2 track. Could hear gunfire coming from here during the entire walk.

Half mile after leaving the 2 track you Pass the GR Audobon Sanctuary.

Looking East down the Coldwater River, off Baker St. Grounds on the north bank maintained by Trout Unlimited.

Ending point at 100th and Baker.

Lower Michigan Miles 3.5
Total North Country Miles 3.5

Map of Return Walk

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